It’s not just noods, it’s a mood.

We’ve come a long way from just adding hot water!

NOODIES is a love letter from GOODSTUPH and Eat Snake to our penny-pinching yesteryears as poor students with a twist of luxury. Our instant noodle art and merchandise are for those who've upgraded their sauce but not their soul. 

Fun Facts about Instant Noodles

Instant noodles was first invented in Japan in 1958.
The longest instant noodle ever made was over 3000m long.
Over 100 billion servings of instant noodles are consumed worldwide every year.
The largest bowl of instant noodles was made in China in 2018, weighing over 13 tons.
Indonesia produces 15 billion packets of instant noodles annually.

Meet the Artists

Ariel John

A multimedia artist that practices in both 2D and 3D with a passion for storytelling, also a very opinionated homecook. For this event, she's bringing out the big guns: colors, sparkles, and wild imaginative spices.

Ovita Pattari Purnamadjaya
@ovitapp / @art.by.ovi

A full time daydreamer and a part time art nerd who sometimes got ideas when brainstorming in dream.

Katarina Stella

A small animal enjoyer who occasionally draws and does graphic design to express her love.

Laurencia Marchellina

Casual graphic designer who dresses in black and white but draws in every color of the rainbow


An art visionary, nurtured in the creative crucible of design studios, now orchestrates campaigns and crafts exquisite art pieces. Engaged in a kaleidoscope of personal projects — from sculpting 3D prints to molding, sewing, packaging, merch, and intricate 3D modeling. A dedicated connoisseur of key

Pierre Ang

A true geek for music & postage stamps, Pierre resonates those things through his visual craft, working on his beat to find which typeface and other visual elements that will create the perfect harmony for every graphic needs. For Pierre, every single visual element plays its sheet in an orchestra,


A graphic arts explorer pours his thoughts into the Micro Creature world, consistently incorporating a "checkerboard" motif as his signature. He focuses on creating unconventional works with the RAVE (Radical Audio Visual Experience) spirit, often highlighting the beauty in unconventional or "ugly"


A socially awkward artist who has her own imagination and a great love for the modern world of motion graphics while she flirts with traditional mediums like canvas and clay.


Fine art-based artists catching up with the modern world, only know to draw all about NSFW and erotic things and create a lot of screenprints, etchings, linocuts, and woodcuts. For now, he only draws comics, stickers, art prints, and some toys.


Live to love art and write. A wordsmith crafting copy on weekdays, transforming into a maestro, weaving melodies as a songwriter and musician on the weekend.


Works hard so he can travel the world and taste all the noodles his stomach can handle. Currently running Mistress as a stepping stone to his dream. A creative at heart and an aspiring toy designer.

Yuwanda Bagus Aprilyan

An artist whose creative journey unfolds at the intersection of technology and art, where each project becomes a canvas for the synthesis of innovation and visual expression. Currently residing in Mistress.

Pleng Pantawan Leangpayoon

Digital wizard of cuteness. She turns pixels into smiles, crafting adorable art that's like a warm, whimsical hug in every image.


Eugenia Tan

By day, she's crafting sleek and persuasive campaigns — convincing us to buy things we never knew we needed. Off the clock, she delves into art and design. deep diving into the power of visuals to tell a story, move hearts, and shift minds, whether for advertising or sparking social dialogues.

Megan Soh

Pocket-sized powerhouse with a giant-sized creative spark. Her personality and art are both larger than life!

Sherrell Kong

Your friendly neighbourhood graphic designer whose creative mojo comes from the crazy mishmash of personal escapades and the everyday marvels that make life interesting. Armed with a curious mind and a knack for visual storytelling, I'm on a mission to infuse enchantment into my creations, captivate


An introverted creative who turns the world into his canvas, he possesses a unique ability to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary. Always seeking new ways to challenge himself creatively, he continually strives to improve his skills.